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Welcome to the official site of United Alpha Team

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About Us

We are an airsoft team from the former Yugoslavia, the name United means that we are from different countries, cultures and religions and that we are united as one. The team was founded in 2021 in Germany, where we are all currently located. We come mostly from the Bavarian area. At the moment we mostly play in Olching Wildlands, Airsoft Park Tirol, France, Croatia and Airsoft Areal Zillertal and CZ Republic.


What is our goal?

As an airsoft team, we want to promote the community of this sport.

It starts with enabling beginners to enter this sport in a legal and safe way.


We offer advice on equipment and technique, proper handling of airsoft weapons, training and making friends.

In order to present our tactical ability, we play together and learn new military tactics so that we can present our reputation at meetings.


We are not just a team that plays together, we are always there for each other!

Working With the Best Clients and Partners


Working With the Best teams and Partners

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München,  Deutschland

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